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Arcane Lights provides 6 month limited warranty on all our products so you can rest assured your product will last.

Our limited warranty covers the following:

  • The LED lighting board
  • The controller board
  • The battery and charging circuit
  • Any other general electronics issues

The following is not covered under our warranty:

  • Physical damage to the product including but not limited to: Cracking or breaking the frame, LED lights breaking off, any signs of the product being stepped on or crushed
  • Water damage

Note: For all warranty repairs you must ship the product back to us first. Arcane Lights will only cover the cost to repair the item and the shipping back to you.

Please note: If you have any issues with the product that is not covered under the warranty or happens beyond the 6 month period, we will offer repair services at a low price. Please contact us, regardless of the issue we can always make them as good as new.